Not Enough Space

Doodles of Krystall Jötunn because hey, why the heck not.

Bonus tiny Elsanna aaayyyy

I just want to let you know, your art style is heavenly. It makes me so happy seeing your kanaya and rose romping about on my dash. Thank you for brightening my day.

Oh gosh, thank you so much!! ;u; I was surprised to see my homestuck art going around again despite not having posted any in a while (I should fix that).

Thank YOU for brightening my day! <3


HOT DAMN why'd it take me so long to realize you had an art blog i'm a doombe. also do you skype (ahhh)

senpai noticed me (yes i will pm you)


You are bold and fearless, Sister,and you have a loving heart.You are poised and graceful, Sister,and so wonderfully smart.
You are bold and fearless, Sister,
and you have a loving heart.

You are poised and graceful, Sister,
and so wonderfully smart.
Wait, is using a theoretical piece I commissioned from you in a blog theme okay? (With credit, of course)

I guess? If it’s a commission then whoever commissioned me can use it like as an icon on their blog or something, or on a blog theme too, I suppose. Although I’m not seeing how the latter works.

Another though, what do you think of tumblr's new/old TOS of ownership? since your art is posted and hosted on tumblr, according their TOS they may take your art and use if as they please as you are now in a shared ownership with Tumblr. Just a thought as technically a person can go through tumblr, pay them out for copyright over your art. Just a thought. I don't mean to come off as rude, sorry if I am, I just want to discuss your ideas and morals on copyright and ownership.

You’re not being rude at all!

Actually, that part was misunderstood. Before clicking the agree button I had read that on a post and proceed to thoroughly read the new TOS and it turns out they will not steal/own your works, everything remains pretty much the same! As long as an artist has their copyright either on their art and/or their blog it cannot be violated by Tumblr nor anyone for that matter.

Of course, it goes without saying that an artist’s work is to be respected since it’s a creation of their own and a way to express themselves, be it a drawing, music, literature, sculpture, you name it. And having it being stolen is the same as having a part of them being taken away. I don’t see why anyone would think otherwise.

... if i were to ask you to compose some sort of banner ad etc or web design or cover for a book etc it feels like after I received the finished product I have the ability to use this design to my own needs and will as we share ownership over it. However again I respect your choice as an artist and feel free to continue with your TOS, but on a personal level I can't agree with your belief on the control of digital art that is available on a public space.

In the case you proposed that would be completely different. I mostly just draw people’s OCs and fanart. And while the character belongs to them the art still belongs to me as I was the one creating it. That doesn’t mean I own their character, of course not, it simply means that as an artist I have rights and those rights should be respected.

I get that this is the internet and I’ve already went through some art theft and reposts but the least a person can do is respect the artist and their rights. Some artists are okay with reposting and all they ask in return is to be sourced, some don’t want it being reposted at all, others don’t give two hoots.

I wish things like this were easier but hey I’m just a dog on a computer.

Hi there, it kind of makes me sad when you dont even let the commissioner repost your art on their FA, blog, website etc. I understand this is your art and i respect your choice but it makes me a little sad as I would love to commission you but your TOS prevents me. A real work example would be if I asked you to paint a sunrise on a canvas, then you hung it up on your living room and I could only share it by inviting people into your house. Seems a bit forced but I am sure you have your reasons

I shall say this once more (I doubt it): The reason I am against it with all of my being is simply because it is not their work so they don’t have the right to post my work on their gallery.

And you do realize that example with the canvas is incredibly flawed, I don’t even sell originals, if I did, I surely wouldn’t keep them. Hell, this isn’t even about physical copies.

You can still commission me and simply reblog it if you have a tumblr. If not you can just post a link to it on a journal/post or something instead. That’s totally cool with me. But reposting, big no-no.

my little pony yes :v

Ah alright, then my answer still stands. c:

will we ever see some anthro ponies from you? I'd love to see your version of them

Oh, dang. Maybe? I really don’t know, anon. I do like MLP even though I never got past like the first 5 eps.

So I guess the answer is possibly?